Kelly Lester shares healthy holiday eating tips with ideas from Roman Meal Bread Company

Kelly Lester for Roman Meal

My four brothers and I grew up with parents who made it a point to feed us the healthiest foods available, long before it became the “right” thing to do. Things like plain yogurt and wheat germ were staples in our house, soda was only served to “company”, and [insert shudder here] white bread? It was only dreamed about. My mom bought loaf after loaf of wheat bread: Roman Meal whole grain bread – at that time, one of the few wheat breads on the market. It was my personal job to make the sandwiches for school lunches every night. 25 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a week. OK, sometimes I went a little nuts and mixed it up with a cheese sandwich, but regardless, that’s a lot of bread! So how delighted was I to be asked to appear on 28 morning news programs and share some healthy holiday cooking tips*, sponsored by …. Roman Meal!

Live from Atlanta

This past Friday I did what’s called a satellite media tour where, thanks to the magic of this insanely large truck with a space age looking dish on top, I stand in one location, but I get to talk “live”, in the studio, with TV and radio show hosts across the country. For about four hours, I talked with fun folks from San Diego to Tampa, to Roanake, and pretty much everywhere in between. Here’s just one of the over 2 dozen segments I did:

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Produced by A-1 Broadcast

beverly brunston and kelly lesterThis is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of working with A-1 Broadcast in Atlanta, the producers of the satellite media tour. In July I stayed in Los Angeles and did an SMT with them from a local studio, sharing tips about packing lunches for back to school. But yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting the owner (Chuck Edmundson) and president (Beverly Brunston) of A-1 on their home turf in Atlanta, GA. Beverly made sure I was well taken care of during my stay. (If you’re visiting Atlanta, you’ll be super comfortable at the Hampton Inn. So cozy I somehow managed to get in a full night’s sleep. And that’s just not normal for me! 🙂 Bright and early Friday morning I got to our kitchen “set”. It was completely realistic, so I felt right at home. Probably had something to do with the stunningly grand house and musical neighborhood I found myself in.

Atlanta, GA neighborhood with composer street signs

Before I arrived, Beverly told me about the wonderful make-up artist who would be on set. She assured me that she was truly gifted – had made over someone to look like Halle Berry and, in real life, this gal wasn’t even close. So I threw out that I wanted to be late 50’s Elizabeth Taylor.Melissa Merhar-Parker, my makeover make-up fairy didn’t realize I was totally kidding (although deep down, yea, I’d love to look like Liz…). So we joked about it and settled on toned down movie star glam, bringing just a touch of the red carpet to holiday meal prep at home.

Kelly Lester a la Elizabeth Taylor

*Roman Meal came up with all the wonderful recipes, not me. I tasted each of the dishes in between “hits” (that’s SMT speak for the different news stations I’m talking with). They’re truly yummy and you can try them for yourself. (Recipe links below.)

Roman Meal bread recipes for healthy holidays

Get the recipes!

Wanna win $1000?

Between now and Nov. 30th, you can enter to win on the Roman Meal Facebook page. 3 lucky winners will be chosen! And everyone who enters gets a $1 off coupon for Roman Meal Bread. I’ve already downloaded my coupon and I’ll be using it on my next trip to the market. Yep – I’m still packin’  those pb&j sandwiches for lunch …

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