In support of brilliant musician and vocal coach Jake Anthony

UPDATE! February 23, 2014 – Jake went home from the hospital today!!

Thank you for your continued prayers and donations! Please continue to spread the word about supporting Jake through his long recovery and aftercare. See below to read more about Jake and the link to where you can contribute.

Jake Anthony is home

 Jan 31, 2014: In a fight for his life

Help Jake Anthony  - Team Jake

When someone changes your life so significantly, it hits you extra hard when you hear that they’re in critical condition.

Call it an understatement that all of us who love Jake were in a state of shock and panic to find out that he had been found in his apartment, alone, barely breathing. Rushed to the hospital on Thursday, January 16, he was first admitted with the H1N1 virus, which became double pneumonia.

He almost left us.

But Jake  is a fighter. However, his slow recovery has been further complicated by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. As of this posting, our powerful prayers have been answered and he is expected to recover. But it is a long road and a tough fight. At this time, he is still in intensive care, still fighting H1N1.

Jake Anthony is my voice teacher/coach and he’s changed my life in ways too big to express. He is a wildly talented musician, composer, singer, teacher, and cherished friend. An in-demand music director who was just beginning rehearsals for a local production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Pretty much every lucky individual who has ever worked with Jake cherishes his immense gifts, passion, and huge, caring heart. Jake has way too many high notes left to reach here on earth. We need him well, and back in all his strong and sassy glory!

His medical bills will be astronomical.

As he struggles to regain his health (it will take at least a year) please consider donating to his care fund.

I’m not the only one who adores Jake.

There are literally hundreds of loving posts on his Facebook wall filled with prayers, light, and glitter. As his friend Shira posted, “…There are few people more deserving of this kind of generosity and community.” I couldn’t agree more.


UPDATES on Jake’s progress ► CLICK HERE

We love Jake

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Tickets on sale now

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