Hear my Song – A Journey Through Broadway’s Best

Kelly Lester sings aboard Crystal Cruises

Standing Room Only for Special Appearance by Kelly Lester

We just returned from an amazing trip to Lisbon, Portugal, with stops in Bermuda and the Azores Islands. All courtesy of the magnificent Crystal Cruises.

While aboard the ship, I thoroughly enjoyed performing my one-woman show “Hear my Song – a Journey Through Broadway’s Best” to a standing-room only crowd in the gorgeous Stardust Club – an intimate lounge that seats about 300. Audience response? “MORE! MORE!” I was thrilled 🙂

Kelly Lester - posing for photos after the show

Rehearsal earlier that day:

Kelly Lester rehearsing aboard the Crystal Cruise Serenity

Unfortunately, no video exists of my show in the Stardust Club, but during the cruise I  goofed around in the “Saloon” bar with my dear friend Glenn Rosenblum (who came aboard as a lecturer on the history of Broadway). And no, we did not rehearse. Just in case you were wondering.

Some of my favorite pics of Loren and I on our adventure… On board, Loren presented a lecture about the recordings of Frank Sinatra to coincide with his 100th Birthday Celebration (Franks, not Loren’s.) This trip was a belated 27th wedding anniversary celebration!

Loren and Kelly Lester enjoying a Crystal Cruise

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