Mr. Church – the movie. My day on set.

Cook call sheet. Last day of the shoot.

►► UPDATE – At time of shooting, the film was originally titled COOK. The title has been changed to Mr. Church.

Pure joy being on the set yesterday! An understatement when I say it was a thrill to play a scene with the amazing Eddie Murphy and the oh-so-lovely Britt Robertson, the two stars of this film. Oh, and did I mention that Bruce Beresford directs? He could not have been more kind, welcoming, and NICE 🙂

Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson star in COOK

Read a bit more about the cast of Mr. Church HERE.

Mr. Church screenplay is by Susan McMartin

I’ve known Susan for almost 25 years. MR. CHURCH tells the tale of the artistic and mysterious Henry Church, the man who came to cook and care for Susan’s family when she was a child and her mother was dying. The road to getting this very personal story made into a major motion picture was looooong…. but that doesn’t even begin to express the journey. Susan tells it best. Read about it in her own words on her blog HERE. And poke around a bit more while you’re there. You’ll be drawn in by Susan’s writing – her engaging and deeply honest voice as she shares so much of herself.

Being on set with my friend, on their last day of filming, witnessing and celebrating her incredible triumph, was truly the icing on the cake. Mr. Church would have been immensely proud.

<Kelly Lester with screenwriter Susan McMartin. #COOKthemovie

I love me some costume, hair, and makeup

One of my favorite parts of showing up to work is finding out what I’m going to look like as my character. LOVE what costume designer Karyn Wagner brought out for me. I knew my scene took place in 1980, so I was secretly hoping for that tell-tale, big-bow blouse – every professional woman’s favorite look. And wouldn’t you know, I got my wish! Mine came in a soft buttery yellow, matching perfectly with a plaid wool skirt and some sling-back leather pumps. Nude hose, simple but elegant earrings, and most importantly, the starched doctor’s coat completed the look because, well, I played a doctor!

Perfect hair by Kay Majerus. Beautiful upscale, yet simple makeup by David Williams.

The only thing that went wrong? I really had no idea how to take the patient’s pulse or what to do about that nasty bruise on her head 😉 And ….. CUT!

Kelly Lester. As "Doctor" in COOK, the movie.

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